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Alzheimer's care

Special situations require specialised care. No one understands this better than us. Alzheimer's is tough! More so for the people dealing with the patients suffering from this situation. Sometimes, daily tasks become a hassle and it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with the patients and their melancholies. For such times it is that our specially trained nurses and assistants are a boon. Trained efficiently and well experienced in handling such patients, our home-care nurses make sure that the hassle is handled by them completely and your troubles come down to zilch!
Personal & Home Health Aide

Having a patient at home or being a patient yourself brings up a lot of challenges in everyday tasks for family. Personal care and assistance with daily chores at home becomes a mandate and thats all one can actually ask for at tough times. Even for people suffering from chronic situations such as cerebral palsy or occasional situations such as epilepsy, assistants are indeed a boon. Our personal care and home health aides pitch in to help you with petty tasks that we usually take for granted most of the days.
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Alzheimer's care
Care For Cognitive Disorders

For such times we provide specially trained nurses and assistants.
Light Housekeeping

Lactation Services

At Accelerated Care we take care of the trouble of finding you someone who is efficient at day to day housekeeping tasks. We solve your problems.
Skilled Nursing

Travel companionship

For many patients such as described above, a full time companion is a must in every day life or in traveling experience.
Medication Reminders

Meal Preparation

Accelerated Care Feed in your prescription once and save yourself from fitting in your daily reminders or alarms on your devices that are almost taking care of every other thing.
Save yourself from the everyday hassle as well as the junk food from restaurants and other joints everyday without burning a hole in your pocket. Our services also include specialised cook services who prepare meals for you depending on your convenient time.
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Comfort healthcare at Home

With increasing health hazards and the extensive care required in numerous cases, there is an increasing demand of healthcare and nursing services at home.

Catering to such requirements is one of our major forte at Accelerated Care.
Professionalism care
With a team of experienced, qualified and recommended healthcare nurses and attendants, we make sure all our staff at Accelerated Care is well trained and fits exactly into the requirements put forth by different kind of patients. Pediatrics, Geriatrics and generic health attendants depending on their years of experience are allocated to different projects and patients and positive comments and appreciation is what we have received till date from every patient served.
Affordable Services

And although our services have been the best in class and at par with excellence, it's a wonder why our charges are not sky high. Understanding how much financial pressure a medical situation can cost, our services are much affordable and also we offer different healthcare packages for different medical situations. At Accelerated Care your comfort is out top most priority.
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Skilled Nursing and attendants

Request an expert attendant from Healthcare experts at Accelerated Care.
Before allocating any attendant or nurse for a particular patient we check a complete case history of the patients which not only includes a medical history, but also a report of the patient's nature, temperament, habits, mindset and a family background check to ensure that the attendant allocated is completely aware of the patients' conditions and also can cope up with the patients' idiosyncrasies which are not uncommon in numerous medical situations.

We Provide

Services in Broward County & Miami Dade County

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Absolute clear communication is the right way of effective care. That's why we provide aides who speak your language. We choose NO effortless communication — just make a first call.
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We have got a high-volume operation, we have the capacity to arrange the services you need — no matter how complex. It will be in a time and properly done… and NO headaches for you.
You can afford help you need
Care for a long time is not cheap proccess. Our Accelerated Care specialists will help you get the coverage you need and so it will be available in the complex.
We will Never leave you alone without care.
Home assistants get sick too — but how it will affect you? At Accelerate Care you will never stay a day without care! We effectively replace your caregiver so you get the help you need in time.
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